Global CBD represents Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and a cultivation lineage that spans over four centuries. This hemp cooperative includes 8,000 small dedicated organic family farmers, expanding across 250,000 hectares. Global CBD is the first Fair Trade Certified, organic hemp manufacturing and distribution company to build a pipeline that exports to customers worldwide. 

Who We Are

Global CBD is the world’s leader in Fair Trade Organic CBD hemp manufacturing and distribution

Hemp Leaders

“CBD extracts market will grow to $2.1 billion USD by 2020”-The Hemp Business Journal


Our CSA farmers grow uniquely bred strains of high-CBD, THC-free cannabis for pharmaceutical, food, and beverage industries


Fair Trade Hemp Cooperative of over 8,000 small dedicated organic family farmers across 250,000 hectares in Yunnan, China.


Global CBD provides scalable, high-throughput processing with highest purity and potency of cannabinoids concentrates, powders and isolates at a substantially lower cost.


Unparalleled supply chain infrastructure to meet global commodity demand of the hemp CBD market.